Customer Information

Customer Information
Seller of the goods offered here is:
Dettenhofener Str. 14
D-93188 Pielenhofen
Phone: +49 (0) 9409 862 55 77
Trade Register Number: 28081
Tax number: DE 291 209 248
Managing Director: Robert Käuferle
By clicking on the button "pay with order", you place a binding order of the goods listed on the order page. You will receive the order confirmation by e-mail immediately after sending the order. That seals the buying contract.
Consumers have a fourteen-day withdrawal. You can find more information on this under the page "Revocation instruction", which can be called up on each side of this internet shop, as well as in the confirmation mail sent to you after the order has been placed.
For each order within the Federal Republic of Germany and for delivery to other countries of the European Union the shipping costs are calculated according to the product.
Payment of the purchase price for the ordered goods can be made in advance or cash payment at pickup. Outside of Germany payment is only possible in advance.
The delivery takes place as soon as the goods have been paid in full. The delivery period is approx. 3 - 5 days, unless otherwise stated in the product description.
Ordering process
Clicking on a product opens a new page. In the field Quantity, you can select the desired number of units of this product. Via the area "into the shopping cart" you reach a selection field, which allows you the possibilities for further shopping or the display of the shopping cart. If you click "Shopping Cart" there - or alternatively in the upper right the "Shopping Cart" button - the shopping cart opens and shows you the items selected so far by you for purchasing and their number. You continue your purchase by clicking on the "checkout" area. The login window opens, where you have the choice of whether you want to use an existing customer account, create a new customer account ("new customer" button), or reject a customer account by setting a hook. If you click the "new customer" button, a form will open, in which you enter your personal data. After the entry, you can continue the ordering process with the "continue" button.
If you are already registered as a customer, you can immediately proceed with the ordering process by entering your e-mail address and your password. If you are not a registered customer and do not want to create a customer account, first set the checkmark "Do not create a customer account" and then click the "new customer" button. You will be taken to a form page where you enter your personal data. The ordering process continues with the "continue" button.
You will then be prompted to select the payment methods. The desired method of payment is to be made by marking. Depending on the method of payment, you will have to make further entries on the payment type on this page. Click on the "Next" button to go to an overview page where you can see invoice address, delivery address, type of payment, type and quantity of the desired items as well as the goods prices, VAT, shipping charges and total price. There you can delete articles by clicking on the "X" button or change the quantity of articles under "Number". The purchase process is completed when you click the "order for payment" button.
Correction of incorrect entries
Within the shopping basket, you can delete items by pressing the "X" field at any time. The "Number" field allows you to change the selected number of individual products. You can change your input in all fields that are filled with letters or numbers. To do this, you only need to reactivate the field you filled and delete the entry there. You can also use your browser to return to previously filled pages to make corrections. Before you click on the "order for payment" button on the last page of the order process, you should check again all the data listed there. You can use the existing fields "Change" to change the invoice address, the delivery address, and the selected payment method. Within the shopping basket, you can delete items by pressing the "X" field or change the desired number under the "Number" field. You also have the option to stop the purchase process by clicking the "Cancel purchase" button in the event of a mistake. Otherwise, you can cancel the order process at any time by closing your browser window.
Treaty text
The complete contract text for your order, H. the order data, our general terms of business (GTC), the revocation instruction, the sample revocation note and the customer information you will receive with the confirmation mail for your order. You can also view this information at any time on this website. The contract text is stored on our internal systems. Once the order has been completed, your order data will no longer be accessible via the Internet for security reasons.
Terms of Use
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